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Electricity bills have skyrocketed over the last five years. But, many businesses and families have paid less because they shopped around. Others have chosen power from sources which pollute less.

The prices of some companies are much lower than others, and there are "green power" alternatives which create far fewer harmful emissions. The City of Houston required all responding electricity providers to meet specific standards of financial strength.

We urge Houstonians to become informed electricity consumers. Informed consumers have saved hundreds of dollars on utility bills according to the Texas Public Utility Commission. You should also know your choice of power supplier does not affect the reliability; Center Point Energy is responsible for that.

After this year, neither the City nor the Public Utility Commission will have as much control over electricity rates. So, consumers must take some responsibility for protecting themselves when the price rises too much.

Some people may prefer to buy the cheapest possible electricity. Others may choose a supplier offering "green power." It's your choice. And remember to conserve energy whenever you can.

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